Day 2

Using the sprinkler I am sprinkling 6 times a day 2 in the the morning, 2in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. The seeds are at a steady 30.5 centigrade and the humidity shows 99% which is something that we strive for. As far as I know you should maintain a high humidity and higher than normal temperature during the germination phase.With the seeds themselves, so far nothing seems to be happening.

Day 1

I will cut 12 pieces of stone wall cubes into quarters so that’s 48 pads for germination in the incubator.

Half will accommodate exactly 96 tomato seeds (Saint Pierre), and the remaining half will have randomly sprinkled seeds of three sorts of lettuce (May Queen, Nansen and some French sort).

Here’s also a picture of my previous and first experiment with starting seeds. There’s basil, spinach and lettuce. Unfortunately only basil was successful as I kept the light on for 18 hours by mistake, the thing is that if you turn on the light for a large amount of hours the plant will think that it has reached the end of life and wi start to flower and grow really rapidly making their branches fall down to the ground.

Why I even started?

My journey into hydroponics is that of curiosity. Having stumbled upon the Hydroponics subreddit I immediately gained interest in trying to grow my own vegetables in my home.

When doing my initial research into different methods, basic principles of hydroponics and it’s benefits I have seen that the majority of the tutorials, forums and blogs revolve around growing indoor marijuana and tips around different cannabis strains. Most of these guides and discussions didn’t seem to me like they apply to growing vegetables at home, which was my motivation.

I will probably have a lot of failures because of lack of education and proper guidance, there will be a lot of spilled milk and dried out roots, but it seems exciting to know that I have the chance to document how to start with vegetable hydroponics at home and help others who might have given up just because of lack of articles online.

Keeping it short: I want to maintain this online publication for two purposes:

  1. To keep an online public journal on my efforts in growing vegetables and spices hydroponically.
  2. To document and summarize all the interesting stuff I have learned along the way either by experimenting myself or finding valuable reading material for all people who would like to start this endeavor themselves.

I am completely aware that I am a newbie in the field of plant biology, nutrition and growth but I am eager to earn and to dedicate some of my time to study hydroponics.

My first goals are:

  1. To have homegrown tomatoes untreated with pesticides which I can enjoy all year long using the water-culture (WC) method. I love tomatoes.
  2. To grow green leafy plants such as spinach, mangold, parsley and lettuce with the nutrient-film technique (NFT).

Let’s see where this leads me.